Other stuff you might like

I consume a lot more content than I produce. If you are interested in similar stuff to me, you might like some of it too. I have tried to categorise the content although there is often overlap. I hope this is helpful to you.



Does a lot of videos on Linux gaming (not of much interest to me) but also does great videos on non-gaming linux content. Side note: He seems like a great guy on his discord server.

Josuhua Crew

Lots of linux-y things

Brodie Robertson

Videos about Linux and surrounding areas

Greg Hurrell

Mostly videos on Vim and some tools he uses with Vim.

Self Hosted

Podcast about self hosting. Talks a lot about home automation.


Darknet Diaries

Interviews with hackers (white and black hat) as well as discussing famous hacks etc.


Hacking tutorials


Mostly walkthroughs on Hack The Box machines but also some education videos about different topics.

Malicious Life

Another podcast discussing hacking and related fields

General Tech


Informative videos about different computing topics.

Level1 Tech

Hardware reviews, weekly news roundup, tutorial videos

General Interest


Mostly mathematical videos. Includes a brilliant playlist on basic calculus

CGP Grey

Informative, well researched videos on lots of topics (although often opinionated)


Informative, well researched videos on lots of topics

Minute Physics

Science videos. Mostly physics and applied maths.


Videos about maths.

Stuff You Should Know

Podcasts about all sorts of interesting things. From disappearing aeroplanes to the Rubik cube


Science videos, mostly physics and applied maths.

Yuval Noah Harari

An author who has written books on Anthropology, history, current events and likely future events. Fascinating books.