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Upgrading reverse shells


Once you've got a reverse shell, there are a number of things you can do to make it nicer to work with. I go through those and at the end, automate the annoying bit with zsh.

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Using Mutt with Exchange


Many companies use an Exchange server for email and calendar. My preferred email client is NeoMutt. You can use Davmail to make these two work together.

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The switch to ZSH


ZSH is great shell but in this blog I explain some of the annoyances I've had with it, as well as some of the benefits.

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Fuzzy Search Hashcat Modes


Hashcat is an amazing tool for cracking hashes but the syntax leaves a bit to be desired. This article explains one way to improve the experience of selecting modes by overriding ZSH's built in tab-completion using FZF.

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